of healings and favours obtained


A gentleman from Sherbrooke came to the Shrine in February 2008. In 1980, he came on a pilgrimage to Saint Anne de Beaupré, when his situation was less than desireable. He worked in an office, but due to regular harassment at work, he was in a state of depression; he had even left his job for several weeks. He decided to come see Good Saint Anne at her Shrine. He made the trip from Sherbrooke to Saint Anne de Beaupré under a dark and cloudy sky. When he saw the Basilica on the boulevard, there was suddenly a bright light shining between the two bell towers; it gave him a kind of shock and a sign of hope. He spent the day at Saint Anne de Beaupré. The next morning, back in Sherbrooke, we received a phone call. He was offered a new job. He worked for 28 years in the same position and when it came time for him to retire he returned to thank Good Saint Anne.



A couple from Macamic, Quebec went to the Saint Anne de Beaupré Shrine to plead with Saint Anne for a favour that they may have children. Leaving the Shrine, the young woman said to Good Saint Anne: “Will I have children some day?” At that moment, she saw a rainbow over the Saint Lawerence River and then another one appeared above the first one. “It’s a sign of the Covenant… with God’s help, we will be able to have children and we will have two.” Two years later, "I went to Medjugorje… as if Grandmother Saint Anne had invited me to meet her daughter.” Three years later, “after thirteen years of marriage I became pregnant on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and our daughter was born on September 8, the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. We then had another daughter…  We hope to return to the Shrine, along with our two girls.”



A lady from Toronto sent her mother’s wedding ring as an ex-voto to the Shrine. A long time ago, she was afflicted by a terrible disease, considered incurable by doctors. She had been treated by specialists in New York, but in vain. It was a kind of eczema but of the worst kind. She could peel off the skin from her arms and it was excruciatingly painful. She was unable to dress herself because of this disease. She made a pilgrimage to Saint Anne de Beaupré, with Father Ambroise Maillet, parish priest of Salmon River, Nova Scotia. When she arrived at Saint Anne she used a pink coloured ointment. As she used it, it became clear so she discarded it, thinking that it would do her more harm. But from that moment she began to feel better. The cure was not instantaneous, but after some time, the eczema completely disappeared and never returned. "I was only a baby at the time, but Father Maillet told me again and again that my mother was healed by Good Saint Anne. She had told him that she wanted to send her wedding ring to Saint Anne de Beaupré in recognition of her recovery. She kept it with her for the rest of her life, since she wanted to be sure that her eczema did not recur. She lived to be over 100 years old and was never inconvenienced by it again. I have her ring and I sent it as a n ex-voto. I regret a little that my mother did not send it before. I know that my mother would want me to send her wedding ring to Saint Anne de Beaupré.



A gentleman from Winnipeg had an “all black” foot. The doctor had told him that he would have to amputate the foot if the disease continued. He had friends in Quebec and they sent him a bottle of Saint Anne's oil, with a special prayer to be recited daily. Every evening he put the oil on his foot and it returned to good health. He returned to his work in the construction business.




A lady from Loretteville, Quebec had been married for 10 years and the couple had no children. She came on a pilgrimage to Saint Anne de Beaupré. She celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation. She spoke to the priest of her desire to have a child. He suggested to her to go to the Blessings Office and ask for a special blessing. Ten days later she was pregnant.

A lady from Montreal North came to pray at the Shrine with her 14 year old son. Her son was diagnosed by the doctors with an incurable heart disease. They informed the mother that her son had very little time to live. At the end of April 2007, she returned to the hospital with her son; all the symptoms had disappeared. She called the Shrine to thank Good Saint Anne.

A lady from Chambord, Quebec wrote: “I had an operation seven years ago. My doctor had given me four to six months to live, due to stomach cancer. I prayed to Good Saint Anne and I am still alive today. The doctor told my children that I was “a small miracle.”

“In mid-June 2005, my 12 year old grandson was badly burned on his right leg. After six weeks we were even fearing an amputation. From the beginning of July, we turned to Saint Anne and exhibited a statue with continuously lighted lamps on the table in the kitchen. My husband and I prayed fervently that which was herself was a grandmother. Jean-Christophe’s parents finally got an appointment at the major burn centre in Quebec City on July 26, the feast of the great Saint. We were now reassured that she had heard our appeal and that she would heal him. Our grandson was hospitalized and twice had to undergo transplants. He suffered a great deal. Throughout his illness we continued to pray to Saint Anne to grant him strength and courage, as well as his family who needed it greatly. In October he was able to resume his regular classes and gradually his other activities. We continue to pray to Saint Anne for his complete recovery so that he also recovers his great joie de vivre that he had before this accident that deeply affected him. “ (Lady of Mont-Louis) [Revue Sainte-Anne, p.4, January 2007]



“A young 12 or 13 year old boy suffered from muscular dystrophy; he was confined to a wheelchair. Gradually his spine became so curved that it was difficult for him to breath. A very risk operation had to be performed in order to straighten his spine, he would they be fitted for a back brace; If the operation was a success, he promised to bring his brace to Saint Anne . It was a success beyond all expectations. He came to the Shrine with twenty of his relatives. He is still in a wheelchair but can stand up and take a few steps. The brace is now placed with the other ex-votos on the north pillar near the entrance of the Basilica.” [ Revue Sainte-Anne, January 2007, p.23 ]



A gentleman from Maryland addressed one of the youth members of the pastoral team at the Shrine. He explained why he continues to come and pray at the Shrine. Thirteen years ago, he and his wife were unable to have children. They came on a pilgrimage and now they are proud parents of two healthy boys.



“On February 14, 1907, in the middle of the night, fire engulfed in the Church of St-Aimé, near Sorel, Quebec. The flames reached the roof of the neighbouring convent. Sister St-Zéphyrin, the principal, evacuated the 130 students. The older students and the nuns watched the church burn and prayed for the threatened convent. The parishioners and friends offered to remove the most precious objects. “Don’t do anything, I am against it…  SAINT ANNE WILL NOT LET HER HOUSE BURN DOWN.” She ran to find a statue of  Good Saint Anne. She placed it in the hands of one of the young nuns. “Place it between the church and the convent. Be careful, I entrust it to you.” Sister St-Zéphyrin wase inspired and shouted out: “Saint Anne, AT LEAST SAVE YOUR HOUSE." The onlookers repeated this vibrant invocation one hundred times. Answering the repeated pleas, Saint Anne answered their prayers and granted a miracle. From the four corners of the roof, the flames retreated to rest in the centreof the roof, forming a high column of light that swayed from left to right for 15 minutes, then it detached itself from the roof and flew up into the sky. "A MIRACLE! A MIRACLE! LONG LIVE SAINT ANNE! “, the crowd shouted deliriously. In the morning, nuns, students and friends entered the chapel to celebrate a thanksgiving Mass. To show her gratitude to the holy miracle-worker, Mother Superior, despite numerous obstacles, undertook the project of rebuilding the vast and pious chapel of which St-Aimé now boasts. (Recitation of the Sisters of the Presentation). On February 14, 2007, a high Mass with honoraries provided by a citizen of Sorel-Tracy, was celebrated in the Saint Anne de Beaupré Basilica. [ Revue Sainte-Anne April 2007, p.148)



A lady from Quebec City had great pain in her spine since 1996. During the Novena at Saint Anne, she participated in the candlelight procession and venerated the relic. Before coming to Saint Anne, she could not bend because of her painful spine, let alone lift the smallest weight. She is now relieved from all her pain. [ Revue Sainte-Anne April 2007, p. 167]



Two days after being born, the nurse noted that Jeremy had cardiac arrhythmia.  After three days, the doctor referred his case to the Fleurimont Sherbrooke University Hospital. The cardiologist had him transferred to intensive care. “Never saw anything like this”, he said, “245 beats per minute.” It was only 16 days later that we could bring him home. After six months we could reduce his medication and his heart was beating slower. After a series of tests, the doctor found that his heart seemed to have gone back to normal. “It’s a miracle! “, he told us with amazement. Without wanting to confirm anything, we fully believed that our confidence and constant prayers were answered. Today, at two years old, Jeremy is in perfect health.” (Lady from Roxton Falls) [ Revue Sainte-Anne, October 2007, p. 407]



“On August 12, 2006, my son Danny, 22 years old, was working on his car. The car began to roll backwards; he was behind it and wanted to stop it. It completely crushed his right hand; the bones were exposed, all that was holding his hand together was the artery and the mere skin on his arm. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Miramichi, two hours from where we lived. Dr. Lanous, who treated him, had never seen anything like it in his 20 years of experience as a doctor. He operated Saturday evening not knowing if he would be able to save his hand. For 11 days, my son took antibiotics and other medicines to prevent infection. He had to be operate on again in September since there was a broken bone that the doctor did not want to take a chance on it during the first operation. It had been decided not to touch this bone to avoid losing the hand. Today, nearly six months later, Danny’s hand has been saved. With all our prayers and Danny’s determination, we have succeeded. His hand has been 80% restored and it is continuing to improve.  On January 22, 2007, we had an another appointment with Dr. Lanous and he could not believe the condition of my son's hand. “Miracles exist, I am convinced, because this is a miracle.” Thank you, Good Saint Anne. (Val d'Amour, New Brunswick) [Revue Sainte-Anne, September 2007, p. 340]



A lady from Pineville, New Brunswick, wrote at the beginning of June 2007. “Saint Anne is always with me. I have cancer. When I went to hospital the first time for a medical exam to see if my cancer was clearing up. I was very upset. My sister accompanied me and said, “Stay calm”, but I could not relax. I then saw Saint Anne appear on the wall and I calmed down; I told myself that all would be well. I told my sister about what I had seen and she thought I was crazy. The doctor came in smiling, “The cancer is almost all gone". Thank you, Saint Anne.”



“On October 18, 2006, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. My family and I were very discouraged. After a few days, I decided not to give up. I began radiation therapy and chemotherapy in November 2006. I finished my treatments in March 2007. I began to pray to Good Saint Anne every day and we went to the Shrine several times with my husband, my two children and my sisters. I prayed with all my heart to the Infant Jesus, Holy Mary, Saint Joseph and Saint Anne. Last week, on June 15, 2007, I had a CAT scan at the Laval Hospital in Quebec City. The doctor assured me that I was cured; I realized in my heart that Saint Anne had performed a miracle for me and I thanked her immediately. I told the doctor that we are very happy about this good news. We will continue to pray to Good Saint Anne every day for what she has done for me. [No place identified]



A gentleman from Chambly, Quebec writes, “My mother has just died; you can remove her name from the subscription list for the Revue Sainte-Anne… My parents were great believers and they had a great devotion to Saint Anne. When they were married in 1940. They went on their honeymoon to Saint Anne de Beaupré... A little later, the federal government began calling up married men to go and fight in the war in Europe. My father then promised to go on a pilgrimage to Saint Anne de Beaupré at least once a year if he was not called to the war. He never received the letter asking him to appear at the Canadian Armed Forces Centre. So he kept his promise and never spent a year of his life without going on a pilgrimage to Sainte Anne de Beaupré with my mother and later with me...  My wife and I continue to make our yearly visit to the Shrine of Saint Anne de Beaupré.



A lady from Elsipogtog, New Brunswick writes: “Three years ago my brother was suffering from bowel cancer. The cancer had spread to his kidneys, bladder and stomach. He went to hospital for surgery but the doctors found that the cancerous tissue was too far developed to be removed. The only remaining option was chemotherapy and radiation treatment; it was hoped that the cancerous tissue would decrease and it could then be removed by surgery. If these treatments were not successful, he was given six months to live. He decided to fight the cancer with the help of Good Saint Anne and the Blessed Mother. Several months later, the cancer had significantly reduced and a part of the cancerous tissue was able to be removed by surgery. In June 2004 he asked me to take him to Saint Anne de Beaupré. He was released from hospital after the operation and we went directly to Sainte Anne de Beaupré. He bought a medal of Saint Peregrine and prayed to be cured of the cancer. Two days later, we returned to Elsipogtog. In the months following our pilgrimage to Saint Anne, he continued his chimo treatments. He prayed every day to Good Saint Anne and to Saint Peregrine. He returned to see his doctor to find out if the cancer was progressing or not. To his surprise, he found out that the bowel, kidneys, bladder and stomach were all free from cancer. For two years, my brother has been cured from cancer. My brother lost his medal of Saint Peregrine for a few months and he was quite upset. He looked for months and months and finally found it in his camper. He was surprised when he saw the medal – it had changed colour. Enclosed and sealed in plastic, it had turned a reddish colour. It seemed that the my brother's cancer had been taken from his body and transferred to his medal. When I went on another pilgrimage to Saint Anne, he wanted this medallion to be placed at the Shrine as an ex-voto. My brother is now completely cured of cancer.



A gentleman from Ancienne-Lorette writes: “When I took possession of my parents’ house in 1992, I had a problem – there was a tree close to the house for 40 years, 50 feet high, located on the east side, close to the new electrical entrance. I wanted to have it cut down but no one dared to do it. There were mobile homes close by and it would have been a disaster if it had fallen on them. I remained apprehensive. When taking possession of my house (my mother had just returned to the Maison du Père), I did a complete cleanout of his magazines. He had subscribed to the Revue Ste-Anne and that of Notre-Dame-du-Cap, and kept every issue. I decided,  “That’s enough, I will sort it”. I took a big green bag and voila. But a surprise was waiting for me. A small plastic envelope 2 inches by 3 inches fell to the ground. It contained an image of Saint Anne with, “the size of a toothpick”, a relic of a “statue saved from the flames”, once sent to my mother. I placed it in my room at the head of the bed facing the side of the house where the tree was. During the night there was a high wind. I heard the sound of fir branches without realizing that it was my tree. It had broken and fell between the house and the trailers, without harming the electrical entrance. When I woke up I sat to myself,  “It's a miracle!”. I wanted this tree to be felled without a problem and this is what happened. I am sending a photo: the good Saint Anne still present in the house, the toothpick relic taken from the statue, replaced at the top of the Basilica during reconstruction, the bottom of the tree, broken at the height of the roof, the side of the house which is 35 to 40 feet long, the window of my room. I have placed the relic in a green and red box. A friend of my father’s cut the branches and trunk a few days later. I was impressed to read the Mass of the day. The Gospel says, “ If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, say to this tree, Be thou cast into the sea, and it will happen. I simply asked for a solution to the problem of my tree, without any damage, and it was granted.



[ Venerable Alfred Pampalon ] A lady from Timperley Altrincham, Cheshire, England, wrote at the end of 2006. “My son had everything – a good home, a choice education at a Catholic school and university. He was 16 years old when he began to take drugs. For four years he was a slave: he smoked Skunk, a potent form of cannabis, he consumed Ecstasy, Cocaine and Amphetamines and finally magic mushrooms (psilocybin), a powerful hallucinogen. He said he took anything and everything he could get. He was living the life of a “hobo” in parks and shelters and lodged in all the houses that would take him. He became careless about himself and very thin. He was psychotic and reluctant towards anyone who wanted to help him. He phoned me often and told me he didn’t have any reason to live; he was on the point of committing suicide. I prayed unceasingly to Jesus to help him. The people in my Catholic church of St John the Baptist of Timperley prayed unceasingly for him. My parish priest also prayed for him. Masses were said for him and prayer groups unceasingly commended him to the Lord. But he remained a slave to drugs. I then received a sheet from a mother whose son is a Brother with the Franciscans de la Réparation ( Atonement ).This community works with alcoholics and those who consume drugs. In this sheet there was a prayer to the Venerable Alfred Pampalon. I then made a Novena prayer that it would be found. About a week later, my son Matthieu phoned me one morning to tell me that he had not used drugs that day. “You did well, Matthieu”. Mathieu did not use any more drugs for about 17 months. He said that he no longer wants to use them. He is well and works, in full health. At first, I didn’t tell him that I had prayed to Father Alfred. Matthieu didn’t believe at the time in the power of prayer; he thought he had done it all by himself. I told him recently about the Novena I had made to Father Pampalon. He was very interested. I asked him to meet with his doctor so he could prove that he was free from his slavery to drugs. It took me a month to get this visit. Matthieu doesn’t live with us and works outdoors and things took some time to arrange. I am sending you the letter from Dr. Caplan confirming that Matthieu has not taken drugs since June 2005. “Matthieu was on an anti-depressant from November 2004 to June 2005. He has made immense progress and in fact has taken no more medication since June 2005. I has stopped using any drugs since June 2005. He is now well on his own, without any mental or physical deterioration.” (Dr. Bernard Caplan, Timperley Health Centre, Cheshire, October 23, 2006.)



[Venerable Alfred Pampalon] In October 1997, a couple from Corpus Christi, Texas, came to Saint Anne de Beaupré. They visited the chapel and tomb of Father Pampalon and brought a copy of the Novena back with them. They began to pray for their son who was an alcoholic. Five months after they started reciting these prayers, their son went to an alcoholic treatment centre. He has remained sober since. We continue to recite the Novena prayers so that his cure is complete and we also pray for all others who are slaves to alcohol and drugs.



[ Venerable Alfred Pampalon ] “I call him ‘Saint Alfred’; I believe he is a saint because he cured our son from his terrible alcoholism. It’s a real miracle.” (Couple from Manteno, Illinois )



[ Venerable Alfred Pampalon ] In September 2000 we visited the “tomb of Father Alfred" at Sainte Anne de Beaupré. At this time our son was on a medication for drug use, mostly heroin. The doctor told us that the chance of a cure for some addicted to drugs to such an extent was a mere 7%. When I visited the tomb of Father Alfred I wrote a note, “Save my son." In September 2001, he entered a rehabilitation program for the third time and, we hope, for the last time. He had a nearly fatal fall in June 2002. He is now an active member of the AA and has returned to church. We attribute that, in part or maybe altogether, to the intercession of Father Alfred. We thought that our son was lost.” (Couple from Stoughton, Maine)



A lady from Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon wrote in December 2006, “I would like to share what, in my view, is a miracle in modern times. On June 1, 2006, my husband found out that he had stomach cancer, one of the most violent cancers, with a chance of survival for five years after the operation, with the risk of losing his voice if it became necessary to remove the esophagus. THE WHOLE FAMILY WAS DEVASTATED. We have two girls and three grandchildren and we have been married for 35 years...  Life was good. We have faith in God and we are practising Catholics. My husband had great confidence and a profound devotion to Saint Anne. We went to the Basilica to pray, but my husband cried and was unable to pray. A COUPLE IS STRONG. I decided to help him and asked him to let himself be carried by Saint Anne and the light of our God. At our church, at home, with brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours, I asked that everyone wear the armour of the light and love of God because we were going to war against this enemy that was cancer. OPERATION. I waited close to the door; I was seated and not doing anything when a lady stopped and said to me, “I sense the presence of God in you; could I support you?" I had not noticed the time passing. I think the Good God sent me an angel in this woman. The presence of God was felt in her with the power to have an effect. The operation lasted 10 hours. He lost consciousness three times. They removed his esophagus and stomach. The surgeon told me that he would have a lot of suffering; he may not speak again. CONVALESCENCE. My husband had no postoperative pain and has still kept his beautiful voice. He eats what he wants and is doing very well. From time to time the doctor asks, “The pain? “ – “I don’t have any. “. One day the doctor said, “Perhaps there is a part that belongs to GOD!”  CONCLUSION. My husband has just finished his radiation treatment and chemotherapy.  We don’t know if the cancer will come back but this trial has united the whole family. My husband chose to teach the love and presence of God during his convalescence. He feels pains and joys in a new way since he has a new life. Without Saint Anne my husband would perhaps be gone today.



A lady from Ste-Agathe-de-Lotbinière wrote, “My son and his wife just had a “miracle baby”. In 1989, they had a boy and in 1994 a girl, but there were then some difficult pregnancies and deaths at birth. When they learned they were expecting a new child they immediately went to Saint Anne de Beaupré; they asked the good Saint Anne to protect it. He arrived in good health. On July 26, 2007, the whole family – and Jimmy, the newborn - came to thank the Good Saint Anne.



A gentleman from Ville-La-Baie was on a pilgrimage at the end of September with his wife. He comes to thank Good Saint Anne at least three times a year. 21 years ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He started to pray to Good Saint Anne and everything was cured as if by magic. 7 years ago prostate cancer was detected this time; he again turned to Good Saint Anne and there is no further trace of cancer.



On November 11, 2007, a gentleman from Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia wrote, “About 15 years ago I often travelled from Nova Scotia to Ontario. I always used the Autoroute 20 but by luck (or destiny) one day I decided to take Highway 138. When I got to Saint Anne de Beaupré, I had to fill up with gas and stopped at a gas station not far from the shrine. Attracted by the splendour of this building I decided to go and see what it was like inside. I immediately felt a sacred presence. I stayed for some time, I had read a bit about Saint Anne, I recited several prayers, a lit a candle and continued on my way. Every since that day, each time I go by Quebec City I would take Highway 138, so I could make a visit to Saint Anne de Beaupré. Years later, in May 2004, I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told me that I had had this cancer for 2 or 3 years, but I had not been sick or had any symptom of its presence. They told me the cancer had become very malignant and that I had less than six months to live. I was appalled. I was afraid of dying and afraid of the impact this news would have on my wife and our son. I did not know where to turn and decided to go to Saint Anne de Beaupré. I made the journey by car and spend close to a day alone in prayer. I opened my heart to Saint Anne and asked her to spare my life. I also prayed for the strength to face the events and for my fears to be calmed if I should die. When initially diagnosed that my condition was so serious I was not even offered a treatment and after some months my condition deteriorated dramatically.  In October 2004 the doctors decided to do an operation but advised me that it would certainly not be a cure. It is now three years since the first diagnosis. The doctors recently told me that my cancer is still there but it is borrowed time. I feel well and am no longer afraid for my life. I feel obliged to present my testimony of thanks to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, by reference to this mysterious joy that I discovered in your church. What is strange is that I am not even Catholic. I was born in England and belong to the Anglican Church. But I think that neither Saint Anne nor the Good God nor Jesus Christ loves me any the less for that. I would appreciate very much if you would keep me, my wife Pauline and our son Matthieu in your prayers. May God bless you, the priests and the people in your parish for this Shrine of Hope, this place where prayers are heard! It’s a place where miracles can happen and actually occur.



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